Electric test drive with Leonie von Hase.

The new EQA by Mercedes-Benz is an electric athlete in the body of a compact SUV. And it is the entry model for the fully electric product range of Mercedes-Benz. Join us for a day of silent but exciting driving as our host Leonie von Hase takes the EQA from the city to the beautiful Rhine river banks – and back again. The author, entrepreneur and former Miss Germany grew up on a farm in Namibia, where she learned to drive off-road cars at a young age. The EQA will offer a whole new driving experience to her.

Discover digital products for your Mercedes-Benz.

The availability of the communication module (LTE) is temporarily limited for certain vehicles due to supply bottlenecks. Please note that especially Mercedes me connect services including the emergency call system (eCall) are not available in the affected vehicles. Ongoing actual information is available at your Mercedes-Benz dealer.

All you need to know about the new EQA.

The EQA offers a whole new driving experience. The electro-aesthetics of the design signal Progressive Luxury. Back-lit trim and rosé gold-coloured highlights make the new interior stand out, while the new rear design with a stunning light band adds to its distinctive appearance.

The EQA is both efficient and exciting – with a powerful electric drivetrain and a high-voltage lithium-ion battery. It offers increased range thanks to improved drag – low wind resistance means high efficiency. And the navigation system with Electric Intelligence always calculates the best route – considering weather, topography, and available charging stations.

360° test drive in the new EQA.

Whenever we mount a 360° camera in the passenger seat of a Mercedes-Benz, you can be sure to have an experience for all senses. Experience the immediate acceleration power, the clever recuperation and the almost silent drive feeling of an electric drivetrain. Drive along our host Leonie von Hase in the new EQA, the fully electric entry model of the new Mercedes-Benz Electric brand. Get in!

Testing the driving performance of the EQA.

The EQA is sporty, agile and locally emission-free, but it (literally) doesn’t make a lot of noise about it. This quiet electric athlete comes in the body of a compact SUV. And thanks to Electric Intelligence and reduced drag, any last remainders of possible range anxiety are now a thing of the past.

MBUX and connectivity.

Our ever-evolving MBUX is like a co-pilot that doesn’t take up a seat. Smart navigation options like Augmented Reality and the Head-up Display improve your safety and driving experience – while seamless connectivity enables wireless charging and smartphone integration.

Become an expert at electric driving with the tile in the media display. It offers necessary information specifically tailored to the EQA: charging options, electrical consumption and energy flow. Within the instrument cluster, we now find a wattmeter instead of a rev counter. You can also monitor the percentage of power used, the recuperation or whether your destination can be reached without an interim charging stop.

The EQA and its clear design language.

Great design doesn’t leave you guessing. So naturally, the identity of our EQA is visible in all the details, both in and outside of the car. The high-quality materials and clean and innovative design language leave no doubt about it: this modern SUV has an entirely new electric identity.

Battery and charging.

Delete your weather app! In the new EQA, you can enjoy maximum range under all weather conditions. Thanks to Intelligent Thermal Management and efficient charging, the EQA’s battery ensures a stable performance – in a great range of temperatures.

Mercedes me and connected services.

Thanks to Mercedes me, you can connect yourself and important aspects of your life to the EQA. The pre-entry climate control via the Mercedes me app increases comfort and range. And while Electric Intelligence plans the most efficient routes, the full transparency of your car’s charging status puts you in control – you can even make sure that the energy you’re charging is from 100% green sources.

Safety and assistance systems.

Despite being the entry model of the Mercedes-Benz Electric Model range, the EQA comprises our famously high safety standards. The Driving Assistance package means less worry, less stress and the reliable support of our safety and assistance systems. And if you like to keep an eye on everything, the Parking package provides you with a 360-degree camera.