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The new CLA.
Play by your rules.

The new CLA is a car like no other.
It doesn’t follow trends and it’s certainly not for everyone.

Play by your rules.

This Mercedes has always played by its own rules. Too big for a sports car. Too sporty for a sedan. Too special for any category.

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Far out of the ordinary.

With its unique style and design, the new CLA Shooting Brake is the perfect car to drive you far away from the everydayness.

Take the first exit.

The new CLA Shooting Brake is not about the everyday life. It’s about the moments in life that are as unique as its design.

Don’t behave. Be you.

The new CLA doesn’t follow rules or trends.
It’s a car that defies the common and plays with the extraordinary.

Follow nothing but your gut.

There are many great reasons to like the new CLA. 
But in the end, your feelings will speak louder than any of them.