• smart vision EQ fortwo.

Less possession. More freedom.

The smart vision EQ fortwo concept vehicle demonstrates how autonomous driving could make future car sharing even more convenient, simple and economically efficient. Freed from the task of driving, the passengers are able to relax in the large interior.

Heckansicht des smart vision EQ fortwo
smart vision EQ fortwo

The most radical car sharing concept car of all.

"The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision of future urban mobility; it is the most radical car sharing concept car of all: fully autonomous, with maximum communication capabilities, friendly, comprehensively personalisable and, of course, electric," says smart CEO Annette Winkler.

"Hire car" is a thing of the past.

Thanks to swarm intelligence and autonomous driving, the smart vision EQ fortwo heralds a new era in car sharing: users do not have to look for the next available car – it will find them and collect the passengers directly from their chosen location. The smart vision EQ fortwo is summoned using a mobile device.

 smart vision EQ fortwo
Front-Detailansicht des smart vision EQ fortwo

Highly flexible and totally efficient.

Utilisation increases and at the same time the amount of traffic and the number of parking spaces required in urban areas are reduced. When not in use, it makes its way independently to a charging station to load up with new energy. Alternatively, the cars can dock with the power grid inductively, feed in electricity and act as a "swarm battery", taking pressure off the grid.

The interior: No steering wheel, no pedals.

The show car is the first of the Mercedes-Benz Group AG's vehicles to take the logical step of dispensing with the steering wheel and pedals. The vehicle functions are controlled via personal mobile device or voice input, an arrangement that is intuitive, convenient and hygienic. Dispensing with conventional control elements makes the white interior appear even more spacious. The lounge-like bench seat offers room for up to two passengers.

Innenansicht smart vision EQ fortwo

Plain, forward-looking design.

„smart vision EQ fortwo embodies the urban luxury of the future.“

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes‑Benz Group AG