Front view of three E-Class models

The new E-Class.

Made to win the day.

Elegant as ever.
Dynamic like never before.

The look of the new E-Class Sedan makes a clear statement for greater dynamism, from the elongated hood and striking powerdomes to the new, modern wheel designs.

Front view of the E-Class Sedan

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E-Class Sedan.

Ready for your most enjoyable meeting of the day?

With its progressive design, the new E-Class Estate tackles everyday tasks with more athleticism and confidence than ever before.

Front view of the E-Class Estate

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E-Class Estate.

Gets you from A to Beyond.

Ready for any hurdles life may throw at you: the new E-Class All-Terrain with striking new front, elegant, chrome-plated bumpers, up to 20" wheels and real off-road genes.

Front view of the E-Class All-Terrain

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E-Class All-Terrain.

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