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Around the world in 80 tours.

Martin Breuninger lives the dream of an adventurer. For years he has taken the G to the most remote places. Along the way, he's inspired many new G-Class enthusiasts, by showcasing it at its most impressive: in action.

On the roof of the world and at the gates of hell.

"The best way to get to know the G-Class is to do what it was created for," says Martin Breuninger. And he should know, as he has experienced every extreme on his extensive journeys. He has taken the G-Class to the high reaches of the Himalayas, and to the extreme heat of the world's harshest deserts. Anybody who accompanies him on a major tour, whatever the destination, will come back a changed person. "The G-Class will bring you anywhere. Also a little closer to yourself," says the G-Class professional. At the same time Breuninger is always amazed at the massive impression the G-Class makes on the countries and people he visits.


World tour.

Martin Breuninger is currently engaged in a world tour which will take him once around the globe in several stages over a period of five years. From Germany to Vietnam, through Australia, from Alaska to Texas, right across South America and finally from the Cape of Good Hope back to Germany. "The continents are completely different worlds," says Breuninger, "not only culturally but especially where the terrain is concerned. Every stretch holds a new adventure in store." From Polar wastes to sand dunes, from lava beds to dusty tracks – the G-Class is in its element anywhere.    

'The best way to get to know the G-Class is to do what it was created for.'

Martin Breuninger

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