G-Class at the coast of California.

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California Dreaming.

Dream roads and dream beaches along the coast of California and in the middle of it all, a G-Class. Cole Walliser is living the dream. On extended trips through his homeland he experiences the G-Class again and again as the epitome of freedom.

Free spirit on a road trip.

„For me, the G-Class means one thing above all: freedom,“ says Cole Walliser. California offers him more than enough space. Whether on the seemingly endless highways, the lonely beaches or extensive off-road slopes, here the director Walliser finds inspiration for his next projects: „In the breaks between two shoots, I need my rest. The G-Class brings me to places that are hidden from others.“ His favourite route stretches from Los Angeles to the Mexican border on Baja California.    

G-Class on california highway.
G-Class on california highway.

In his element.

The native Canadian and Californian by choice uses the off-roader, especially for extended trips along the fabulous coastline with its beautiful beaches. Wherever he likes to be, he stops and sets up his camp. His G-Class serves as a caravan -– a vehicle as well as a place to sleep. „If I’m not sitting behind the wheel of my G-Class,“ Walliser says, „I’m either on the surfboard or the skateboard.“

„If I’m not sitting behind the wheel of my G-Class, I’m either on the surfboard or the skateboard.“

Cole Walliser

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