Strong Stories

Following the footsteps of Marco Polo.

Annette and Stefan Hauser followed the Silk Road across Asia through to Singapore – with a slight detour through Africa on their return.

In search of Shangri-La.

Shangri-La is the name of a legendary place somewhere in the mountains off the Silk Road. Nobody has ever seen it, yet the stories and legends about it still abound. 'If anyone ever finds it, it will be someone driving a G-Class,' says Stefan Hauser. 'It will take you anywhere.' They experienced many special moments on their travels through Asia. They encountered talkative customs officials and belligerent long-distance truckers. 'But in the end the G-Class always got us out unscathed.' And a little closer to the next dream destination of every adventurer. So close 'that you might easily think that Shangri-La is the G-Class itself.'

G-Class in the heart of Africa

Through the bush at crawling speed.

In the heart of Africa there is an adventure around every corner. One occasion the G-Class was able to shine as an emergency recovery vehicle in the Okawango Delta. A family from South Afrika had become stranded in a river. With the help of a cable winch, Stefan und Annette Hauser were able to rescue the family without difficulty. All were able to continue their journey relieved.

'If anyone ever finds it, it will be someone driving a G-Class, it will take you anywhere.'

Stefan Hauser

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