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From Hessia to the Cape of Good Hope.

Danja and Thorsten Kühn crossed the African continent from north to south in their G-Class. With a total of 33 conversions, they turned their off-roader into their mobile home, which they traveled in for an entire year.

How a honeymoon became a honey-year.

The freshly married couple made their way to Africa via the Alps, the Balkans and the Middle East. An adventure tour and an extended honymoon. Breathtaking scenery, fascinating cultures and a host of challenging driving situations awaited them. On the road with them was their G-Class, lovingly christened the "Desert Cube". It was to be their means of transport, home and refuge in one over the coming months. "At times the roads in Mombasa were a greater obstacle than the off-road tracks in the savannah," Thorsten Kühn remembers with a smile.


Return journey to a dream.

"Those who are in a position to fulfil a life's dream should not hesitate," says Thorsten Kühn. "And plan it well," adds Darja. And if things go right, the resulting memories are truly impressive.

'Those who are in a position to fulfil a life's dream should not hesitate.'

Thorsten Kühn

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