Strong stories

One G, many faces.

No G-Class is the same as another. Over the years, various G-Class owners have had a wide range of conversions carried out by Andreas Lennartz. Sometimes for purely practical reasons, sometimes acting on a desire to be different.

The G-Class as a tractor.

The G-Class always pulls eagerly – especially when you convert it into a tractor unit as seen here.

Day and night in the G-Class.

Many adventurers have had their G-Class converted into an off-road capable camper van, complete with kitchenette, washroom, sleeping berth and differential locks.

Raising the level.

Every G-Class is as individual as its owner. Those with a particular idea, however bizarre it may appear to be, make their way to Andreas Lennartz. He is the master of G-Class fantasies, and ensures that even the most droll visions for the off-road icon become reality.

Individuality in all its guises.

There are no limits to the wishes of G-Class drivers. From a roof hatch for a better all-round view when hunting to rotating seats and an individual colour scheme – what applies to the G-Class when off-road also applies to its equipment and appointments: if it's imaginable, it can be done.

Green stands for hope. And livid green for individuality.

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