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The G brothers.

Alexander and Christoph Siebertz are dedicated to rally sport. They have been taking part in amateur rallies since the 90s. They have raced in northern Africa countless times. They always had a G-Class with them that raced in the 1993 Paris-Dakar Rally.

The Ickx gene.

If people talk about the G-Class and its rally history, they really mean Jackie Ickx’s victory in the Rally Paris-Dakar in 1983. The off-road legend has a very successful track record in the amateur sector. “The G-Class is very robust and that makes it ideal for rally sport,” says Alexander Siebertz, and his brother Christoph adds: “Other cars might be faster, but they break down sooner too.” The rally brothers have had a long series of successes over the years. But they never had any damage that was bad enough to make them give up.


Thirst is worse than homesickness.

Sometimes the course holds tricky problems: not just potholes, mud or extreme breakover angles. Christoph Siebertz reminisces: “On one section in the Sahara we had run out of water and drinks.” The thirst was so bad that finally the brothers drank the windscreen washer water. “It wasn’t exactly table water,” says Alexander Siebertz with a grin, “but we didn’t get sick from it.”

Better than most of the others, even on bad days.

On one stage through the dunes in Tunisia, the brothers took almost twice the specified time. “On the way we helped a competitor who had got stuck, and then we were all on our own there.” They arrived at the stage finish four hours late. “We’d actually written off our chances in the rally,” says Alexander Siebertz, “but when we got to the finish we discovered that most of the others hadn’t arrived at all, and we were in 7th place.”


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