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New addition with ambitions.

By now the Auto Shanghai motor show is one of the biggest vehicle shows in general and a hub for global trends. It is the stage for Mercedes-Benz to present a new show car on 20 April 2013, the Concept GLA.

The compact SUV impresses with sporty character, a sophisticated and consistently implemented design as well as a multitude of technical highlights.

The Concept GLA from Mercedes-Benz impresses with design and technology.

Much more than just a strong shoulder.

The athletic profile of the show car is captivating from the moment you first see it: its strong shoulders rise protectively over the reduced glazed surfaces. The pronounced musculature and sinewy structures are pleasing to the eyes of any observer. A narrow greenhouse, the powerful coupé-like rear and a low windscreen round out the sophisticated design of the new addition and benefit its excellent aerodynamics. And because peak athletic performances always require the right breathing technique, the former diamond grille was adapted to the tough requirements of the Concept GLA: rectangular soft cubes provide the engine with plenty of air.

Striking beauty: the Concept GLA from Mercedes-Benz.

On the whole the materials used are through and through natural, of high quality and have a state-of-the-art aesthetic finish. As a perfectly trained high performer the concept vehicle stays true to its principle of success: use power where it is needed.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept: Escape the everyday.

Born to be wild.

On the Concept GLA the tyre and rim form an inseparable union. The shape of the rims is inspired by a vision of excavator shovels. This lets them keep moving effortlessly and dynamically, but when need be they grab the ground like claws and despite difficult conditions “shovel on”. This basic idea is transformed into a sophisticated overall concept by the bucket teeth at the front of the vehicle borrowed from the off-road segment. And despite all the functionality the show car leaves nothing to be desired aesthetically: high-sheen bicolour rims and the interplay of matt and polished surfaces not only reflect the light when in motion – but also a consistent, dynamic-sporty design.

At home in the great outdoors: with tyres designed specifically for the Concept GLA.

Where there is the show car, there is a way. And that is not least due to the tyres specifically designed for the Concept GLA. Their profile impresses with exceptional grip in any terrain, which consequently keeps the vehicle’s irrepressible urge to move forward safely on track at all times – regardless of whether it is on the road or in the wild.

Beware of cameras.

Life may write the best stories – the best road movies are written by the Concept GLA: two high-end cameras are integrated on the roof of the vehicle, which in keeping with the aesthetic aspirations of this show car perfectly blend into the vehicle’s curved roof railing. The roof railing itself was milled from a solid block of aluminium and consequently has a higher visual value appeal than conventional supports. It also protects, consisting with the protector principle of the Concept GLA, the sensitive technology from wind and weather. The cameras can also be used independently of the vehicle, for example, as helmet cams.

Cameras integrated into the roof railing are another special feature.

The recordings can be projected anywhere with high-tech megapixel resolution thanks to laser beamers integrated into the headlamps. With the Concept GLA you are not only at home in the great outdoors – you’re also in the best movie of your life.

Bright spots in the interior.

The interior also offers an ideal balance between safety and surprise. A Plexiglas cover provides a view of the support structures of the instrument panel. The three-dimensional embossed untreated saddle leather used for the seats impresses with the same in-your-face authenticity. The overall concept combines classic manual craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials with virtuosity, and exterior styling elements also come to bear in the interior: the massive grab handles and their interplay of polished and brushed aluminium echo the bicolour design of the rims and transport it skilfully to the interior.

Aesthetics and funktion also form a union in the interior of the Concept GLA.

In addition, Plexiglas elements with atmospheric backlighting create a very special ambience as well. But in keeping with the principle of efficiency that characterises the concept car they only come on when you need them.