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The perfect moment.

His white cotton shirt contrasts with the elegant black wool of his made-to-measure Italian suit. He adjusts his sleeve one final time. It’s sitting perfectly. Then he grabs his surfboard and strides across the wet sandy beach down to the water. He breathes deeply, feeling the salty breeze on his lips, and runs his fingers through his ash-grey hair one more time. In a moment, he will throw himself into the cold water, paddling through the waves until the perfect moment arrives and the waves carry him back to the shore. Then we see him stand confidently on his surfboard, readjust his sleeves and … “Cut”. We hear the call come over the beach.

A man wearing a suit stands at the beach holding a surfboard.
A man gets off a Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Longing for freedom.

Born in 1969 in Bombarral in Portugal, Francisco Cipriano already seems to have packed several lifetimes into one. In his childhood, his father was a major influence, repeatedly giving him the same piece of advice: “The only way you’ll become the man you want to be is through hard work.” So Francisco worked and worked until a feeling began to grow stronger and stronger inside – the longing for freedom. The man he really wanted to be was not here in this dusty office. He quit his job and threw himself into a new life. “I was born when I was 40 years old,” he says. And now he has discovered new passions. A successful Portuguese model on the one hand, and an avid surfer on the other.

Passionate surfer.

We’re back at the Praia do Baleal Norte near Peniche, Portugal. A film crew gathers around Francisco, talking things over, planning the filming schedule and making decisions. Surfing is Francisco’s great passion, and the ocean is his place of freedom where man and nature become one. Today, he’s swapped his wetsuit for a tailored one. This does not go unnoticed by the other surfers, who join the throng of the substantial crew that have occupied the beach since the morning.

Image of the interior of a Mercedes-Benz V-Class showing the centre console.

Style and elegance.

Nestled in between the film vehicles and smaller cars at the beach’s car park, Francisco’s anthracite coloured V-Class catches the eye. Our gaze is drawn along its pure lines, lingering on its redesigned front and accented air intakes, then taking in the generously proportioned sides and practical rear. Above all else, this distinctive new generation of MPV exudes an impeccable sense of style and elegance. The walkie talkies start to buzz. It’s the call to “move on”. Equipment is dismantled, packed up and the whole rig moves on to the next filming location.

Francisco walks up to the V-Class, the last drops of seawater falling from the ankles and sleeves of his close-cut suit. He opens the tailgate, pushes the surfboard into its sleeve in the vehicle’s interior and reaches for his towel. As all the commotion gradually subsides, giving way to the rumble of the sea, Francisco looks to the horizon once more, takes another deep breath, feels the salt on his lips, and drives off.

A man loads a surboard in the boot of a Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Surfing, writing, protecting.

The road leads along the coast, passing little fishing villages and long stretches of beach where a few surfers are braving the relentless Atlantic waves. Together with Antonio Pedro De Sá Leal, Francisco brought out Portugal’s first surfing guide. Based on the experiences of the two authors, it documents the best surfing spots along the 800-kilometre coastline from the north to the south of Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira. Francisco is also a coordinator for the Surf & Nature Alliance, an international network supporting numerous “surfstainability” projects that aim to protect and maintain unique coastal regions and their surfing spots.

When passion becomes a profession.

The film crew arrives in Lisbon. The next set is being built in a former depot for the famous yellow Eléctricos – the trams that wind their way through the steep and narrow city streets. The hall is endless, with row upon row of heavy wooden beams that hold up the ceiling. The leaded windows of the depot offer views over the bay of Lisbon and the harbour road, which Francisco’s V-Class is driving down. Preparations have already begun in the hall. A handful of muscular American footballers are doing warm-up sprints. A warlike cry booms across the room. A football fizzes through the air. Amidst the confusion, we see Francisco again, although this time in a different guise.

A scene of a photo shooting with a male model with running football players in the background.
View of the rear seats with a table in a Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Self-confident in new adventures.

Francisco the surfer has become Francisco the model – a striking-looking man who has already worked for many international brands. He began modelling in 2010, at the age of 41, for an industry that has slowly moved away from the ideal of eternal youth, and which has finally discovered and celebrates beauty in all its different forms. With his striking beard, ash-grey hair and chiselled features, Francisco is the embodiment of the new man: a man in his late 40s who still has plenty more to give and an adventure seeker who boldly pursues his own path.

And now: Make your Move.

Francisco wears a close-fitting three-piece suit with a fine herring bone pattern, which contrasts with the padded training gear of the players. Down! – Set! – Hut! Players rush past Francisco whilst he keeps his composure, looking confidently into the camera. In his hands, the football becomes a stylish accessory. The whistle blows. That’s it for today. The photographs that have just been shot flicker on the photographer’s laptop screen. The first few favourite ones have already been chosen. The footballers share a warm handshake with the photographer and director’s crew before heading off. The hall is empty and Francisco has some welcome privacy and time alone.

It’s time to head to the beach again, destination Cascais. Francisco gets into the driver’s seat of the V-Class. The soft afternoon rays shine through the huge panoramic sunroof. Francisco’s thoughts keep returning to his father’s words. Hard work, and a long journey. In moments such as these, he feels a lot closer to his goal of becoming the man he always wanted to be. A man who has worked hard to finally be who he really is. The V-Class stops at one of the beach car parks on the coastal road. Francisco gets out to watch the sunset above the endless waves. And there’s that sensation again: salt on the lips, and the feeling of total freedom.

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