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Vow – Fascination V-Class.

Elegance, style, comfort and spaciousness define every V-Class. The universal concept provides precisely the right solution for everyone and every situation. Thanks to its innovative safety systems and spaciousness, the V-Class is also a perfect family vehicle. However, powerful engines and a flexible seating concept also make it the perfect platform for all adventurers and enthusiastic athletes. The V-Class and the V-Class AVANTGARDE include an extensive range of exciting equipment highlights that fulfill almost every wish.

Mercedes-Benz presents luxury in a unique format with the V-Class EXCLUSIVE, the ultimate VIP shuttle and an exclusive vehicle for long journeys. Extensive engine and transmission variants along with optional extras, equipment packages together with original accessories allow every single V-Class to be customized beyond the scope of the three equipment lines, V-Class, V-Class AVANTGARDE and V-Class EXCLUSIVE.

Exterior design – practical vehicles can also be attractive.

The larger, the more functional? Unmistakably a member of the Mercedes-Benz family, the V-Class proves the opposite. The powerful and expressive front with the tapered hood and modern headlights create a dynamic complement to the large, tranquil surfaces behind it. Rising lines which connect the rear to the sporty chrome frame of the radiator grille form a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing site design.

The sophisticated design of the V-Class.
The modern interieur design of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Interior design – space for refined tastes.

The interior of the V-Class also presents a stylish design. The cockpit features high-quality recessed switches and inputs integrated into one extensive wave shape. The free-standing media display is a skillfully designed centerpiece. The driver no longer has to lower his gaze from the road and has an easier view of important information. High-quality materials, smooth transitions and chrome applications make the V-Class a comfort zone on every journey. The rear compartment continues this sensual character. First-class materials and leathers add a haptic element to the incomparable atmosphere. The AVANTGARDE and EXCLUSIVE equipment lines enhance the interior with numerous additional standard elements. These include the expressive ambient lighting or the large panoramic sliding roof.

The seating concept – flexible and comfortable.

The V-Class is available in three lengths: compact (4895 mm), long (5140 mm) and extra-long (5370 mm). Due to its exclusive interior design, the V-Class EXCLUSIVE is only available as the long variant. The refined design and the high-quality applications in the interior provide the V-Class with a stylish ambience while its flexible seating concept transforms it into a truly personalized space. The standard rear compartment features four individual seats. Optionally, the vehicle can also be fitted with one or even two rows of three-seater benches. This provides seating for up to eight people. 

In addition, the seats can be arranged to face each other or aligned in the driving direction. If space is needed for a bicycle or other bulky objects, then the seats in the rear compartment can be removed completely thanks to the elegant rail system with quick release fasteners. The cockpit is equipped with comfort seats for the driver and front passenger. These assist with maintaining an ergonomic sitting posture and enhance the condition on long journeys. The seats in the cockpit can be rotated toward the doors in order to enable easy entry and exit and can also be rotated 180° to face the rear passengers.

Powerful and dynamic.

The V-Class is available with three state-of-the-art four-cylinder diesel engines. These engines are distinguished by their high-torque, economic consumption and low noise. The 100 kW and 120 kW variants are equipped with a powerful and efficient 6-speed manual transmission as a standard feature. The 140 kW variant along with all of the 4MATIC all-wheel drive variants comes with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission with CRUISE CONTROL, start assist, kick-down switch, immobilizer and DYNAMIC SELECT switch. This switch is used to select one of the four driving programs that configure parameters such as the engine, transmission, suspension and steering characteristics. In addition, the V-Class is also equipped with a comfort suspension to ensure superior driving comfort in every situation. Good driving dynamics, roll stabilization and exceptional noise comfort make the V-Class a quiet companion. The V-Class AVANTGARDE features the AGILITY CONTROL suspension, the damping system that provides balanced driving pleasure by optimizing the rolling behavior, damping and stabilization to match the road conditions. The sports suspension system in the V-Class EXCLUSIVE is based on the AGILITY CONTROL suspension system and is 15 mm lower, optimizing the handling.

The powerful motor from the V-Class.

V 200 d, 2.8 t (100 kW, 330 Nm, 136 hp)

Fuel consumption combined: 6.5 liters/100 km

Combined CO2 emissions: 171 g/km

V 220 d, 2.8 t (120 kW, 380 Nm, 163 hp)

Fuel consumption combined: 6.1 liters/100 km

Combined CO2 emissions: 159 g/km

V 250 d, 3.1 t (140 kW, 440 Nm, 190 hp)

Fuel consumption combined: 6.0 liters/100 km

Combined CO2 emissions: 158 g/km

V 200 d, 3.1 t 4MATIC (100 kW, 330 Nm, 136 hp)

Fuel consumption combined: 6.6 liters/100 km

Combined CO2 emissions: 177 g/km

V 220 d, 2.8 t 4MATIC (120 kW, 380 Nm, 163 hp)

Fuel consumption combined: 6.6 liters/100 km

Combined CO2 emissions: 177 g/km

V 250 d, 3.1 t 4MATIC (140 kW, 440 Nm, 190 hp)

Fuel consumption combined: 6.6 liters/100 km

Combined CO2 emissions: 177 g/km

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is as efficient as stylish.

Efficiency as a standard feature.

The V-Class' efficient engines fulfill the demanding Euro 6 Gr. I emission standard. In addition to emission-reducing measures such as an oxidizing catalytic converter and a particulate filter, the vehicle also utilizes the AdBlue® additive. The aqueous urea solution significantly reduces the nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines, providing an exceptionally clean solution. All of the engines with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission are also equipped with the BlueEFFICIENCY package. The ECO start/stop function prevents unnecessary emissions by switching off the engine when the vehicle stops in inner city or congested traffic. The fuel efficiency generator also recharges the battery during braking. Furthermore, the vehicle features additional aerodynamics optimizations on the underbody cladding. The BlueEFFICIENCY package is available as an option for all other engine variants.

A safety star.

The V-Class achieved the top score of five stars in the Euro NCAP Crash Test 2014. This makes the V-Class one of the ground-breaking vehicles in its class. Its exemplary safety systems are oriented on Mercedes-Benz's four-level integral safety concept.

Firstly: safe driving. The standard features in all three V-Class equipment lines include the ATTENTION ASSIST, the Crosswind Assist, the Headlight Assist and tire pressure monitoring. Other innovative safety features such as the DISTRONIC PLUS distance-keeping cruise control, the LED Intelligent Light System, the Headlight Assist, the Lane Keeping Assist, the Traffic Sign Assist along with the 360° camera can also be added as options.

Secondly: preventive protection in the event of danger. Amazing accident prevention technologies are available for the V-Class. PRE-SAFE identifies critical driving situations and takes preemptive measures, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST prevents rear end collisions and brakes the vehicle in the event of an emergency. The Blind Spot Assist and the Lane Keeping Assist can also protect the driver against unexpected dangers.

Thirdly: optimum protection in an accident. All three V-Class equipment lines feature airbags and thorax-pelvis sidebags along with windowbags for the driver and front passenger and ensure optimum protection in the event of an accident.

Fourthly: damage control after an accident. If a serious collision still occurs, mechanisms such as the automatic engine shutdown and door unlocking, crash-active emergency lighting and activated hazard lights in all three V-Class equipment lines help to prevent any further damage and consequences.

Multimedia systems – excellent entertainment on the road.

Today, an innovative vehicle needs to offer more than highly dynamic handling and comfort. Digital information about the vehicle and traffic, a radio and smartphone connection have become important features that need to be harmoniously and intuitively integrated into the cockpit. The V-Class and the V-Class AVANTGARDE come with the Audio 20 USB system. External devices can be connected to the large CENTRAL MEDIA DISPLAY via Bluetooth in order to play back music or show photos. The instrument cluster with color display provides clear feedback which remains easily visible in all lighting conditions. The V-Class EXCLUSIVE is fitted with COMAND Online as a standard feature. The multimedia system provides an innovative array of interfaces such as the COMAND Controller with touchpad or the LINGUATRONIC voice control system, eliminating the need to waste time tapping tiny icons. The DVD drive and the 80 GB hard drive can be used for both entertainment and also real-time traffic information with a topographical 3D map display. In other words, the precise and ergonomic interface helps bring the passengers safely to their destination while providing great entertainment.

The multimedia system in the V-Class.

Mercedes me connect – intelligent networking.

With its Mercedes me world, Mercedes-Benz creates an impressive and comprehensive package for your mobility. The connectivity options provide tailored services and content which enrich and simplify the users' lives in addition to ensuring greater safety. Mercedes me connect enhances the interaction and relationship between the driver and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The V-Class and the V-Class AVANTGARDE feature the basic Mercedes me connect services:

  • Maintenance management
  • Accident management
  • Breakdown management
  • Telediagnostics
  • Vehicle remote diagnostics
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In addition to the basic services, the V-Class EXCLUSIVE also includes the Mercedes me connect online services as standard. The online services provide owners with useful information and effective functions for the V-Class on their smart devices. This includes remote locking and unlocking, parking heater programming and remotely querying the vehicle status for information about the tire pressure, tank level and other vehicle data.

In addition, the vehicle can also be located and geographically monitored. Users simply register in the Mercedes me portal and then download the app for iOS or android.

The V-Class offers an extraordinary experience.

The V-Class – extraordinary experience.

The basic version of the V-Class offers an exceptionally stylish and comfortable spacious experience with fantastic extras as standard features. The cockpit, in particular, is distinguished by Mercedes-Benz's elegant design language. The multifunction steering wheel can be used to comfortably control both the multimedia system and the vehicle electronics. A travel computer displays useful information about the route ahead and the route already travelled. The trim elements with a glossy black piano lacquer look refine the sedan-like interior of the V-Class. A comfort roof control panel is fitted between the driver and front passenger and enables understated control of the lights. Rear passengers also travel in comfort: the TEMPMATIC semi-automatic climate control system ensures a comfortable temperature in the vehicle without creating uncomfortable drafts and the complete thermally insulated glass enables the air conditioning system to operate efficiently and economically. When the time finally comes to leave the V-Class, the illuminated doors guarantee the perfect exit.

The V-Class AVANTGARDE – the aesthetics of a new class.

The V-Class AVANTGARDE is distinguished by its exclusive design features and equipment created for exceptional aesthetics and demanding tastes. The beltline trim strip and the chrome decorative element at the rear give the vehicle a sporty and classy look. The second sliding door on the left side together with the separately opening rear window ensure far greater comfort and flexibility in the city. A special exterior highlight: The LED Intelligent Light System with Headlight Assist. The bright and durable headlight technology is especially easy on the eye and very bright. Whether cornering, on country roads or highways: the LEDs always provide the perfect lighting. In addition, the front and rear lights feature an attractive and unmistakable design that emphasizes the vehicle's value. The style offensive continues in the interior. Chrome trim elements and the ash wood cladding in the cockpit create a modern atmosphere. Lugano leather seats and the Nappa leather gear shift lever together with the chrome trim clearly express the quality of the V-Class. Noble ambient lighting is the perfect finishing touch, creating the ideal color ambience in the interior for a sense of absolute comfort which not even the living room at home can compete with.


The V-Class EXCLUSIVE – exciting luxury.

The V-Class EXCLUSIVE is the top-of-the-line variant and the most exclusive monovolume vehicle on the market. It is ideal for use as a VIP shuttle and a luxurious comfort oasis for long journeys. The vehicle more than lives up to the promise of the 'EXCLUSIVE' label on the front mudguards. In addition to the sports suspension system, the 19-inch alloy wheels with a 16-spoke design give the V-Class EXCLUSIVE an exciting sporty character. Naturally, access to the interior is automatic – either via the EASY-PACK rear hatch or the two electric sliding doors. The interior reinterprets luxury on a completely new level. The brushed aluminum trim elements in the rear of the cockpit, the chrome vents, ambient lighting along with the carefully selected DINAMICA fabric for the roof lining truly do justice to the equipment line's exclusive name. The overhead highlight: the gigantic panorama sliding roof above the rear compartment takes the V-Class driving experience into a new dimension.

The same time, the V-Class EXCLUSIVE subtly maintains a comfortable climate for the passengers. The seat heating and ventilation with lumbar supports on all seats, thermal cup holders and the center console with a five-liter cooling compartment all serve to enhance the comfort. The excellent THERMOTRONIC air conditioning system complements the climate control ensemble. Digital highlights also abound in the vehicle: The Burmester® surround system always provides the right sound, the standard COMAND Online system with Mercedes me online services together with the 360° camera with the Parking package maximize driving comfort and impressively catapult the spacious sedan into the digital age. 230 V sockets and USB connections can also be used to charge an array of smart devices. The V-Class EXCLUSIVE truly embodies the Mercedes-Benz sense of style like no other vehicle in this category.

The AMG Line – individual, emotional and sporty.

AMG sports cars have always been emotional, dynamic and, naturally, sporty. For the first time, an AMG Line is now available for Mercedes-Benz monovolume vehicles. The progressive and distinctive AMG Line is reflected by exterior features such as the sporty front and rear skirts with chrome loading sill protection, the AMG alloy wheels and the AMG break-away edge. The interior also bears the unmistakable AMG signature. Noble carbon-look trim elements and black roof lining create a cool overall appearance. Brushed aluminum sport pedals and silver-chrome vents give the AMG Line that typical sports car feeling.

The V-Class AMG Line is both sporty and exclusive.
The interieur of the V-Class.

Equipment packages – carefully selected for your needs.

A broad array of equipment packages is available for the V-Class and the AVANTGARDE and EXCLUSIVE equipment lines to further customize the vehicle. The V-Class can be enhanced with the Interior design package and the Exterior design package. The Interior design package upgrades the interior, giving it a personalized and sporty flair. The package includes comfort seats with Lugano leather upholstery, a Nappa leather steering wheel and gear shift lever along with brushed aluminum sport pedals. The Exterior sport package emphasizes the dynamic character of the V-Class. The features include the sport suspension and the 17-inch brake system on the front axle along with brake calipers bearing Mercedes-Benz lettering.

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The V-Class AVANTGARDE can be enhanced with the AVANTGARDE Interior design package and the AVANTGARDE Exterior sport package. The AVANTGARDE Interior design package features comfort seats, a multifunction steering wheel along with diverse trim elements. The AVANTGARDE Exterior sport package expresses the vehicle's sporty character both visually and through driving dynamics thanks to the 45.7 cm (18") alloy wheels, sports suspension and strikingly dimensioned brake system. The Parking package with 360° camera and the Mirror package with dimming function are available for both the V-Class and the V-Class AVANTGARDE.

These packages are standard features for the V-Class EXCLUSIVE. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz also offers equipment packages available for all three equipment lines. These include the Driving Assistance package with COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and PRE-SAFE technology or the less extensive Lane Tracking package with Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. These packages are complemented by the Parking package with reversing camera and the Table package for the rear.

Optional extras – down to the smallest detail.

Everything the heart desires. Optional extras for greater comfort, safety and variability tailor the V-Class to individual needs and tastes. Special highlights include the EASY-PACK rear hatch for the V-Class and the V-Class AVANTGARDE along with the panorama sliding roof for the long versions of the V-Class equipment lines. Furthermore, the rear compartment can be fitted with electric sliding doors and tinted glass. The extensive extras also include electrically adjustable driver and front passenger seats along with an auxiliary warm-water heater.

The optional details in the V-Class offer sophisticated features.
Original accessories for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Original accessories – customized solutions.

Special vehicles demand special extras. Using original accessories from Mercedes-Benz, the V-Class can be truly customized for every lifestyle. The towing hitch, rear bicycle carrier or high-gloss black roof box are ideal for everyone with a passion for sport or need to transport extra luggage. The iPad® integration in the rear compartment keeps passengers entertained on long journeys. In addition, the luggage compartment tray or the CLASSIC velour and all-weather mats protect the interior against dirt and scratches and equip the V-Class to handle tough day-to-day demands.

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