Michael Kübler was born with his passion for Mercedes-Benz and for AMG in particular.

A family of petrolheads.

I was born with my passion for Mercedes-Benz and for AMG in particular. I come from a “Daimler worker dynasty”, whose roots go back to the early 20th century at the Untertürkheim parent plant. It started with my great-grandfather, who was a “master foreman” on the engine test floor in Untertürkheim. He retired in 1970 after having been with the company for 45 years. He was succeeded by my grandfather, who was also a foreman on the engine test floor, and in doing so followed in the footsteps of his father. His employment with the company lasted for 44 years and he retired in 1993. My father and my mother worked in Untertürkheim as well and are also now retired.

“One Man, One Engine”.

I come from Fellbach on the outskirts of Stuttgart. I have been at Daimler for more than ten years and work as an engine mechanic at Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach. It is a privilege and an honour for me to be able to build the world’s best high-performance engines there in line with the AMG philosophy of “One Man, One Engine”. It has always been a dream of mine to work at AMG and be a part of this brand. My dream has come true and I live this dream every day with utmost passion. Each of our high-performance engines is built by a single engine fitter in accordance with the “One Man, One Engine” philosophy.

One man, one engine: Each of the AMG high-performance engines is built by a single engine fitter.

That is a unique feature of Mercedes-AMG and it means that the engine is built by one and the same mechanic from start to finish. At the end of the assembly process, a badge is attached to the engine that bears the builder’s name. This philosophy gives each Mercedes-AMG an identity and thus almost something like a soul.

Handcrafted by Michael Kübler.

I work in the V12 engine manufacture in Affalterbach; it is a privilege afforded to only slightly more than a dozen people in the world! I started sharing this passion about four years ago. To be more precise, posting about it: I opened an Instagram account under the name “@f1mike28”. My idea at the time was to show people who are interested more about my work and thereby to put our products and our company more in the spotlight of social media.

The engine badge bears Michael Kübler’s signature.

I had the first aha moment after about three months on Instagram: I was tagged in a picture of an S 65 AMG – and lo and behold, the engine bore my signature (“Handcrafted by Michael Kübler in Germany Affalterbach”).

The man behind the signature.

This experience on Instagram motivated me to continue. After the photo with my badge was sent to me, I uploaded it to my account. The response was overwhelming and I caught the attention of many people – and consequently so did my employer and its products. The number of my “followers” then started to increase continuously. As time went on, I attracted more and more attention – and the first customers who bought a vehicle with an engine I built even contacted me and told me they were “super happy” that they finally had gotten to know the person behind the signature on their engine.

Michael Kübler – the man behind the signature.
Since 1999, Mercedes-AMG has been the V12 engine developer and supplier for the exclusive super sports cars.

Pagani and AMG.

Another chapter in my professional career at Mercedes-AMG is one that is very special and one that is still hardly fathomable: it is called Pagani. Pagani Automobili is a manufacturer of super sports cars from Italy. Horacio Pagani founded the company bearing his name to “shock” the world of super sports cars manufacturers. In the search for a perfect partner for his company he found what he was looking for in the Swabian town of Affalterbach. Since 1999, Mercedes-AMG has been the V12 engine developer and supplier for the exclusive super sports cars.

V 12 with inscription.

I am exceptionally proud of being just one of a very few people who have the privilege of building these “masterworks”. By now, there are even customers who have met me through Instagram and only want to own a Pagani engine built by me. It is an indescribable feeling for me to communicate with customers through my Instagram account and be able to also show these masterworks to others on this platform.

Michael Kübler is proud of being just one of a very few people who have the privilege of building these Mercedes-AMG "masterworks".

For those who do not know: a Pagani Huayra has 730 horsepower and prices start in the seven-digit range. We are thus talking about one of the world's most expensive super sports cars built in series production.


After more than four years on Instagram and with more than 50,000 followers, I look back on my achievements there with pride. During this time, I have met hundreds of customers from all over the world who have an engine built by me in their vehicle and who share their experiences with me on top of that. I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback I get day after day and it motivates me to continue to do the best job I can.

After more than four years on Instagram, Michael Kübler has more than 50,000 followers.

I hope that I am able to reach many people with my story and encourage at least some of them to live their passion for our company and its products, and to share it with the world.