Mobilo ensures you reach your destination.

If you have a minor mishap, a breakdown, an accident or vandalism occurs, our experts throughout Europe with over 3,000 authorised Mercedes-Benz service partners in over 40 European countries ensure that you get on the road again. Either with a roadside repair, a replacement vehicle or by air. If you’d rather take things easy and wait for your vehicle to be repaired, we’ll be pleased to pay for your hotel room. The Mobilo mobility solution comes as standard with every Mercedes-Benz car and is renewed free of charge after every Mercedes-Benz service – for up to 30 years.

The MobiloLife predecessor product applies to vehicles with initial registration between 24.10.1998 and 31.03.2008, provided that the mobility solution was regularly renewed during servicing by your Mercedes-Benz partner.

Accident and roadside assistance.

Did you have an accident? We are here for you! From expedited on-site assistance to the right repair solution.

What do you do if something happens? Where do you turn in the event of a damage incident? Who can provide expedited on-site assistance when needed? Mercedes-Benz is here to help. Simply request assistance at the push of a button in your Mercedes-Benz or place a phone call, and we will tell you what to do next. From on-site assistance, to organising your continued journey, through to finding the optimal repair solution for your Mercedes-Benz. Everything from a single source – to keep you mobile and relaxed.

Service hotline.

Quickly dial and benefit from support by our agents: call 0800 1 777 7777 and speak to our skilled contacts 24/7.

Mercedes me button.

Assistance at the push of a button: the Mercedes me button in the vehicle’s phone book directly connects you to one of our Service employees.

SOS button.

One press of a button is enough: the SOS button in the overhead control panel of your vehicle immediately makes a call to the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Centre.