Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts combine the entirety of Mercedes-Benz's expertise as a vehicle manufacturer. They are specifically developed and adapted for each Mercedes-Benz vehicle model.

All Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are produced with the same tools and quality standards, whether they are parts for manufacture of a new vehicle or spare parts. This maintains the quality and safety of your vehicle over many years and ensures that your Mercedes-Benz remains a Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil.

More power. Greater efficiency. Less wear.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil is the optimal lubricant for a Mercedes-Benz engine. After all, it was formulated specifically for use in a Mercedes-Benz. The benefit: based on the detailed knowledge of engine designers. The result: an oil that meets all the requirements for a Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes (MO) Original Tyres.

Mercedes Original tyres keep you safe as they were specially developed for your vehicle and tuned for highly dynamic driving. Tyres from Mercedes-Benz do not only impress with their sporty and elegant design, but also feature high-quality construction and provide for a smooth ride.

Our tyres with the “MO” quality seal.

“MO” (Mercedes Original): Only tyres that comply with strict Mercedes-Benz quality requirements in terms of safety, fit and endurance are awarded the quality seal. These tyres are specially developed for your Mercedes-Benz and optimally tuned to your vehicle thanks to their exceptional design.

Our tyres with the “MOE” (Mercedes Original Extended) quality seal also feature reinforced side walls. Even if the tyre suffers complete pressure loss, it will still be possible to avoid dangerous situations and reach the next Mercedes-Benz workshop.

Mercedes-Benz genuine care products.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz care products ensure that your Mercedes-Benz continues looking good and retains its value – highly effective yet gentle, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Every day your Mercedes-Benz is exposed to a wide variety of environmental influences. The select ingredients used in Mercedes-Benz genuine care products are optimally formulated for the surfaces treated. This blend therefore provides long-lasting protection so your Mercedes-Benz keeps looking great for many years.

Mercedes-Benz Used Parts.

Repairing a Mercedes-Benz is always worthwhile. If carried out cost-effectively, this also applies to older series. However, saving on quality is not an option if you want to witness your motorised companion become a classic.

Are you looking for a repair solution that fits your Mercedes-Benz as well as your budget? We’ve got you covered with used parts directly from the manufacturer. You will receive genuine quality parts at a price that reflects the current market value. This means that, in addition to your wallet, you can also protect the environment as reusing parts saves resources and CO₂.

Since 1996, we have been dismantling and storing parts and wheels to transfer from one star to another. In doing so, our experience is as great as our range of spare parts: from the alloy rim up to the decorative strip, we have more than 500,000 parts in stock. We’re happy to resolve your reasonable doubts about second-hand parts with well-defined quality classes and 24 months warranty.