Unlike imitations, genuine Mercedes-Benz wheels have to withstand extreme endurance tests. Here, much more is demanded of them than the legal requirements. To pass the tests, the wheels undergo a development phase that can last up to three years and begins with the first sketches by Mercedes-Benz designers. So that each wheel precisely matches the corresponding Mercedes-Benz model visually, the designers closely coordinate with the vehicle’s exterior experts.

Along with mechanical stress, genuine Mercedes-Benz wheels must be able to withstand all weather conditions. They undergo tests with highly corrosive salt spray and a 28-day variable climate programme. Wheels are tested in oversized drums: several thousand kilometres are simulated with increased contact and lateral forces. This corresponds to the mileage of the entire life of the vehicle. The rotary bending test subjects the wheel to wobbling movements with load changes. These simulate maximum loads during cornering. After passing the tests, the wheels are added to the Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheel range.