• Body variants for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Arctic White parked in a workshop. Its loading ramp is folded out. The driver is loading tires lashed onto a pallet into the Sprinter’s cargo area.

Success needs space: bodies for the Sprinter.

Pick up a sofa suite in the north and then load 16 brand-new tires along the way: speed is of the essence for courier and logistics services. As is a large cargo area which safely transports the goods. The body variants from the Mercedes-Benz partners Junge, Spier and Bär provide the optimum courier and logistics solutions for the Sprinter.

Professionally designed storage in the Sprinter.

The Mercedes-Benz partner Junge offers box bodies for the Sprinter with a diverse range of sizes, materials and heights. Sophisticated extras simplify driving, loading and unloading. The wind deflector is one example. It helps to save fuel and is also an eye-catching location for company advertising. The telescoping, ergonomic access aid is another intelligent option from Junge for bodies with rear doors or roller shutters. Bodies from Junge have a sophisticated design down to the last detail: the lashing rods are recessed and the cargo can be loaded to fit flush with the wall. Locking beams and lashing straps secure the freight during transport.

An Arctic White Mercedes-Benz Sprinter equipped with various attachments from Junge such as a wind deflector or roller shutters.
A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Athlet and Athlet plus bodies from Spier.

Athletic: the Sprinter with a body from Spier.

Sporty with a long or short wheelbase: the Athlet and Athlet plus bodies from Spier are a perfect fit for Sprinter. The bodies are equipped with rear doors as standard and a tail lift or roller shutters are available as options. Optional side doors on the right at the front or rear provide even greater loading flexibility. Securing strips, lashing rings and locking beams safely hold large and small freight in place during transport. Clever: the lashing bars are recessed to fit flush with the side wall. This prevents any damage to the load and ensures that the full width of the cargo area remains usable.

Lift on board: load the Sprinter more easily.

Lifting, pushing and dragging: heavy cargo is a back injury waiting to happen. Bär Cargolift offers a healthy solution for the Sprinter with the VanLift FreeAccess! The hydraulic, folding lift is fitted on the exterior of the Sprinter delivery van. Whether roller containers for foodstuffs and laundry transport or a forklift with pallets: the VanLift can comfortably and precisely load up to 600 kg of heavy freight directly into the cargo area. As it is mounted on the exterior, the VanLift leaves the full volume free for your payload. Roll-off prevention fitted as a standard feature and a safety delay before activation along with numerous other features all enhance the safety.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter equipped with the folding VanLift FreeAccess from Bär Cargolift.
A dark grey Mercedes-Benz Sprinter WORKER drives along the city highway. Office buildings can be seen in the background. The Sprinter is on its way to the next delivery.

A favourite among couriers: the Sprinter WORKER.

The courier, express and package industry may be highly competitive on the road, but they all agree when it comes to the choice of vehicle: the Sprinter WORKER delivery van is regularly voted the van of the year. The WORKER is spacious and available with a cargo volume of up to 7.5 cubic metres. Its equipment is functional. Its standard features include a two-person passenger seat and the electrical system for a trailer connection. Robust interior cladding, a wooden floor and all-season tires number among the sophisticated extras with which the Sprinter WORKER delivery van can be customised to a company’s precise needs. The thoroughly economical price is another key factor.

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