• Citan – the hero of the city.

It quickly becomes clear: The Citan is a real Mercedes-Benz. This can be seen, among other things, in the unmistakable radiator grille

Characteristic with a prominent radiator grille.

A quick look is enough and you know: The Citan is a real Mercedes-Benz. The distinctive look of the small van is unmistakable. Its characteristic appearance stems from the chromed star protruding from the prominent radiator grille with its three sporty, perforated fins. Also an eye-catcher: The striking headlights, which strengthen the confident appearance of the Citan.

City and Titan makes Citan.

Remarkable quality and driving dynamics, exemplary safety and cost-effectiveness, top versatility and robustness - the Citan is the professional among urban delivery vans, the Titan of the city. As individual as the requirements of its customers, the Citan offers three lengths and three variants of the panel van, Mixto and Crewbus, the model range is broadly laid out. The most compact van from Mercedes-Benz adapts to any situation - be it for skilled trade, crafts, or public authorities, for service companies, also for mixed use, with a share of recreational usage.

With three highly efficient diesel engines and one petrol engine, Mercedes-Benz offers the right model for every challenge. The success of the Citan is based on its combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness, driving comfort and comprehensive safety equipment, including ADAPTIVE ESP as standard.


The interior: High-quality, comfortable and functional.

In the cockpit of the Citan you immediately feel at home: Combination switch, gear-lever knob, light switch or dashboard buttons – the arrangement, appearance and function of the driver's workplace all correspond to the familiar Mercedes-Benz standard. The driver-friendly dashboard of the new Citan takes up the powerful, striking design of the exterior. Its surface features leather-like graining that is pleasing to both the eye and to the touch.

The interior of the Citan from Mercedes-Benz convinces with comfort, functionality and a driver-friendly look and feel
Perfectly adapted to the driver: the dashboard in the Mercedes-Benz Citan

The cockpit: Perfectly orientated to the driver.

In the cockpit of the Citan you immediately feel at home: Combination switch, gear-lever knob, light switch or dashboard buttons – the arrangement, appearance and function of the driver's workplace all correspond to the familiar Mercedes-Benz standard. The driver-friendly dashboard of the new Citan takes up the powerful, striking design of the exterior. Its surface features leather-like graining that is pleasing to both the eye and to the touch.

Three lengths - with up to seven seats.

With several door variants the van with the star covers all requirements for professional use in its class. The basis of the extensive program is the panel van in three lengths from 3.94 m (Compact) to 4.32 m (Long) and then 4.71 m (Extra-long). The longest version of the Citan can be equipped with up to seven comfortable seats. The hero of the city, of course, also offers enough storage space for luggage. This way, the Mercedes-Benz Citan offers the ideal solution for a practical and versatile commercial transport of people and goods.

Top of its class in fuel consumption.

Like no other urban van, the Citan combines minimal CO₂ emissions with great driving pleasure as well as high performance with low maintenance costs. Such as the Citan BlueEFFICIENCY with a standard consumption of 4.3 l/100 km - no urban delivery van with internal combustion engine consumes less, none has lower emissions.

The van with the star also shines with long maintenance intervals of up to 40,000 km. The BlueEFFICIENCY package includes, among other things, the ECO start/stop function, battery and generator management, as well as variant-dependent, roll-resistance-optimized tires that reduce fuel consumption even further.

The petrol driven Citan 112 from Mercedes-Benz works with 114 hp and is equipped with a 6-speed transmission

Powerful and highly efficient engines.

When dynamics, low fuel consumption and outstanding driving characteristics complement each other, it must be a Citan. The Mercedes-Benz turbodiesel direct injection OM 607 engine is powerful, yet quiet and highly efficient. It is available in three power levels, two of which have 5-speed and one has a 6-speed manual transmission. A powerful petrol engine with a 6-speed manual transmission completes the range of engines for the Citan. It is one of the most economical and cleanest vehicles in its class: The basis for the favorable driving performance as well as the low fuel consumption and emission values is a front-wheel drive which has been consistently optimized for efficiency.

Driving characteristics: Dynamic, safe and comfortable.

The developers of the Citan put particular emphasis on safe and comfortable handling as befits the brand with a combination of driving dynamics, driving safety and driving comfort. The electrically assisted steering works very precisely and sensitively. Suspension, damping and stabilizers are new developments and carefully coordinated with each other. The suspension on the Citan long panel van as well as the Crewbus is lowered by about 15 mm at the front and rear axle when driving under normal load.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan also achieves best values in driving dynamics, driving safety and driving comfort
Everything in view – even at the back: The Citan is equipped, among other things with a rear view camera

Big in terms of safety.

Mercedes-Benz stands for the highest standards in all areas - including safety equipment. So too is the Citan a leader in terms of safety and assistance systems. As standard with Brake Assist, tire pressure loss warner and ABS, the van has a short braking distance and a good brake response - whether on dry roads or in wet conditions.

Safe all-round - thanks to ADAPTIVE ESP.

A key feature – standard for all models – is the electronic stability program ADAPTIVE ESP® that takes the vehicle's load into account. This innovative dynamic handling control system combines the functions of the anti-lock braking system ABS, the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) and the traction control system (TCS). It also covers the ASR acceleration skid control as well as drive and braking torque control and the associated sub-functions. The Citan also shines as standard with anti-lock brakes ABS, Electronic brake force distribution EBV, Brake Assist BAS and start-off assist. The latter maintains the brake pressure for a few seconds after releasing the brake and thus prevents rolling backwards after a hill start.

Thanks to the electronic stability program ADAPTIVE ESP, the Citan from Mercedes-Benz is leading the way in terms of safety
The ladder flap for the Mercedes-Benz Citan panel van is optionally available

Flexibility – so too in the load space.

The spacious load compartment can be accessed from the side through one or two sliding doors. The standard asymmetric rear doors can be locked open at either 90 degrees or 180 degrees to facilitate loading. In the standard version the lower area of the doors is panelled and windows are available if required. Alternatively, Mercedes-Benz supplies the Citan panel van in the Compact and Long versions with a tailgate. It opens at an angle of slightly over 90 degrees and is glazed - with a rear window wiper in the standard range. As an option the load compartment can be expanded by means of roof rails or the optional ladder flap for the panel van. With numerous individualization options, the new Citan can be tailor-made to customer requirements. Besides additional safety and comfort, the range primarily features additional function options. Currently, around 150 types of special equipment are available for all variants.

Plenty of room for carriers, partitions and more.

Various partitioning elements, a folding co-driver's seat facilitating extension of the load space, a selection of door and window configurations and load-space panelling are just some of the optional extras available. The accessories available ex-works also include cargo baskets, carrier systems and stowage trays for the load space. As an alternative to individual optional extras, Citan buyers can also choose from a number of logically compiled option packages.

Individual requirements options can be met in the Mercedes-Benz Citan, for example, wall-mounted systems can be integrated

Approval as a light truck or a passenger car.

The Citan Crewbus is available either with (light truck) N1or (passenger car) M1 type approval. An uprated weight variant is available as standard for the N1 type approval whilst the focus is on safety and comfort equipment such as a co-driver's airbag, thorax and window airbags as well as roof panelling on vehicles with the M1 type approval.

The allocation of the engines also differs: three diesel engines are available for N1 type approval, whilst for vehicles with M1 type approval additionally a petrol engine is available.

In case of breakdowns - covered throughout Europe.

With the Sprinter you are on the safe side in exceptional situations: The Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan program offers breakdown assistance with Mercedes-Benz quality throughout Europe - free of charge and around the clock.