The reliable fleet built around the Sprinter, Vito and Citan.

The heating installers roll up their sleeves and get to work. Their customer’s bungalow from the 1970s is being upgraded with more energy-efficient heating technology. The young start-up from Berlin focuses on digitalisation and first provides customers with a simulation of the processes utilising algorithm-based software. It calculates the materials required and also the costs. The company is unique in that the heating installers do not maintain a warehouse. Instead, the company’s vehicles provide just-in-time material delivery. 60 Sprinter, 20 Vito and one Citan from Mercedes-Benz now support the company’s vision of the energy transformation.

A white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from the Berlin start-up Thermondo drives through a residential area in Berlin.
Nine white Mercedes-Benz Vito parked in a circle outside their headquarters, East Westphalia Bus Transport. The company utilizes the vans for transport to social services and facilities

Customised fleet stars.

The Fleet Stars from Mercedes-Benz Vans offer commercial customers tailored solutions based around the fleet stars: Citan, Vito and Sprinter. How large does the fleet need to be? What does the fleet do? The Fleet Stars T50+ for 50 vehicles upward and Fleet Stars T250+ for 250 vehicles or more are designed to match the industry’s needs. Tailored mobility concepts include the Logistics Partner Programme for the logistics industry, for example. Fleet management ensures smooth and efficient fleet operations ranging from purchasing vehicles to operating and maintaining the fleet.

Digital fleet management.

Digital fleet management for greater efficiency: Mercedes PRO connect digitally networks drivers, vehicles and fleet managers. In the vehicle, the Mercedes PRO Adapter for Vito and Sprinter safeguards the connection to the fleet manager. The vehicle management tool connects the fleet manager with all of the drivers and vehicles.

Orders can be managed online and vehicle information such as the location, fuel level and maintenance intervals can be viewed almost in real time. Drivers communicate with the fleet manager using the Driver’s App on a mobile device. Mercedes PRO connect is just as easily and intuitively operated via icons as the Driver’s App.

A woman looks at a screen which displays a roadmap. The map shows the current locations of all of the vehicles in the fleet.

Mercedes PRO connect for daily fleet operations.

Mercedes PRO connect for daily fleet operations: CHECK-THE-FLEET for preventive maintenance management of the fleet; THEFT-CARE-SUPPORT provides assistance in the event of vehicle or fuel theft; GO-FOR-BUSINESS shows all of the journeys and vehicles, supports resource-saving driving along with defined routes and areas (“geo-fencing”); ECO-AWARE-DRIVER monitors and optimises the drivers’ environmentally-friendly and fuel-saving driving style. In future, Mercedes PRO connect will be expanded to offer more and more digital services to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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