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Sprinter and Vito are the cool and insulated solutions.

Pure pleasure: fresh fish, crisp vegetables and cool ice cream in summer. Consumers value quality and increasingly prefer regional products. Swabian organic farmers, fish shops in the far north and confectioners from Rhineland all deliver fresh, regional products lovingly prepared. Mercedes-Benz is the reliable partner for their delivery service thanks to the Sprinter and Vito refrigerated and insulated vans.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter mit Kühlaufbau

Sprinter and Vito - the cool specialists from Kerstner.

All of the Sprinter and Vito refrigerated and insulated vehicles are designed with practicality in mind and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Farm shops, for example, want to transport as many crates of vegetables in a vehicle as possible. Sprinter and Vito with refrigerated bodies from Kerstner provide plenty of space. The cargo volume amounts to 8.6 or 3.5 cubic meters. The flattened fuel-saving, roof mounted Cool Jet 103 refrigeration system cools the interior down to 0°C. Euro pallets can be placed perpendicular to the driving direction and the floor sections are inserted into the rail guides on the side walls. LED freight compartment lighting is a standard feature. If any liquid escapes, then the aluminum floor covering is easy to clean.

Sprinter with an integrated refrigeration system from Winter.

The Sprinter with refrigeration systems from Winter guarantee an uninterrupted refrigeration chain. The refrigeration system integrated into the vehicle includes a compressor-driven refrigeration unit that cools to 0°C. Even when the engine is switched off, the stationary cooling system with an external plug socket ensures constant cooling. Airline rails are fitted as a standard feature and securely fasten the load. A lashing system with an additional airline rail is available as an option. Upon request, the floor can be fitted with a highly resistant aluminum checker plate or a removable anti-slip mat. The optional refrigeration curtain keeps the cold air inside the vehicle during loading and unloading.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with an integrated refrigeration system from Winter.
A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter parked in front of a flowering apple tree. The Sprinter is a refrigerated conversion from Kiesling

The deep-freeze Sprinter with refrigerated bodies from Kiesling.

Sprinter for fresh and deep-frozen products: The refrigerated body from Kiesling provides frosty temperatures down to -18°C thanks to the flat evaporator with a high airflow. The Thermo King refrigeration units are space-savingly fitted on the roof. A Europe-wide service network is available 24 hours a day. The side doors on the left and right of the Sprinter guarantee time and energy-saving loading and unloading. The robust aluminum floors with a barley grain structure feature perfect joins and are welded liquid-tight. They can be easily cleaned to HACCP standards. The available options include the Vario Lite®** partition with flexible longitudinal adjustment and a PVC refrigeration curtain.

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