• Sprinter Flatbed and Tipper – solutions for the construction industry.

The best solution: the Mercedes-Benz VanSolution.

Low platform, body length, tipper designs. The special bodies and interiors are as diverse as the construction trades themselves. But how to find the right body for the Sprinter base vehicle? The “Mercedes-Benz VanSolution” programme offers the right complete vehicles special bodies and interiors from 11 selected and audited system partners: factory-fitted and from a single source.

The service also includes advice and service hotlines, spare parts stocks along with after sales service. The vehicle needs another body? The “VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz” platform provides information about additional, customised product solutions.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Flatbed parked outside a commercial building. The sun is shining. Three craftsmen are laying cobblestones in a new parking area.

A role model – the Sprinter in the construction industry.

The entry to a massive construction site for a new shopping centre, 7.30 a.m.: every minute, tradesmen and suppliers arrive in their vans – all Sprinter variants. Some need plenty of space for their employees and equipment: the Sprinter Flatbed reliably transports both people and heavy equipment. Another delivers building material. “Mercedes-Benz VanSolution” provided the right system partner and the reliable solution: the exceptionally robust, steel three-side tipper from F.X. Meiller. The Sprinter is adaptable. There is one reason why the Sprinter’s name stands for an entire class of vehicles and why the Sprinter is and remains the role model.

Safe and economical mobility with the Sprinter.

Everything on one platform. The Sprinter is the safe partner for every transport task. With its diverse body variance, it can handle any job. The flatbed bodies from Schutz, for example, withstand any weather and reliably transport their freight thanks to the tarpaulin frame, storage box and leaf grille attachment. The complete Sprinter solution with a steel three-side tipper from F.X. Meiller is robust and can handle heavy loads. In contrast, the lightweight aluminium variant from Dautel can transport a large payload. A WORKER that pays off: the Sprinter WORKER Flatbed features simplified essentials with Mercedes-Benz quality.

Two Sprinter WORKER Flatbeds in white with an extra low loading surface.
A construction site in Hamburg, right next to the water. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter drives over a tall mound. Construction material is securely lashed onto the flatbed

Robust and economical: the Sprinter WORKER.

Calling the Sprinter WORKER Flatbed a role model for its entire class is anything but an exaggeration. It stands for safety, economy and quality. Its transport performance is just as exceptional and the low loading height makes it an optimum solution. The WORKER Flatbed is equipped with standard features such as a two-seater passenger seat and two-way loudspeakers. When the job requires, it can also be configured with ladder holders, a rear window or protective equipment on the sides. Fitting the WORKER Flatbed with a double cabin makes it a practical combination of freight and passenger transport!

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