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The Scholpp Group’s fleet includes numerous Mercedes-Benz vans.

The Scholpp Group relies on Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Seen from above, the Scholpp Group’s company premises in Stuttgart are a sea of red: the Mercedes-Benz vans Citan, Vito and Sprinter create a shining red carpet, spanning the yard with the company colour. More precisely, the brilliant Mercedes-Benz “Jupiter Red”. The company founded in Stuttgart in 1956 has long been more than a hidden champion. The leading specialist for the storage and installation of industrial facilities has around 1,200 employees at 24 branches in Europe and Asia. The Scholpp Group always focuses on quality. That is why the vehicle fleet includes more than 300 commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, half of them Mercedes-Benz vans.

Citan, Vito and Sprinter on construction sites.

The Scholpp Group’s technicians work on construction sites throughout Europe. Their jobs are as specialised as they are diverse. The Mercedes-Benz vans are just as versatile. The agile Citan Mixto and Citan Kombi are compact vehicles with a cargo volume of up to 3.8 cubic metres. The Vito Mixto and Vito Panel Van provide plenty of room for people and tools. The spacious Sprinter can handle almost any transport task and comes as a Panel Van, Kombi or Flatbed. “The vehicles’ high reliability and the Europe-wide service network make Mercedes-Benz the perfect mobility partner for our company”, says Götz Schleith, a member of the management.

A red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from the Scholpp Group’s fleet. Scholpp lettering is visible on the right passenger door.
A red Mercedes-Benz Citan exits the premises

The mission: to transport passengers and material.

What is the plan for today? Five installation technicians need to be at the construction site by 7 a.m. They constantly need new material. “For example, our installation supervisors use the Vito Mixto as a five-seater for transporting installation technicians or also as a mobile warehouse”, explains Schleith. Endless space: the Vito Panel Van is the specialist for material transport. Available with different loading variance, it can transport a cargo volume of up to 1,294 kilogrammes. It is 8.30 a.m. and eight installation technicians are on the road: the spacious nine-seater Sprinter shuttles between the branch and the service points. The Panel Van and Flatbed variants head out to handle smaller jobs or repairs.

Vario models – more than 60 factory-fitted variants.

The Vario Panel Van with shelf and workshop equipment transports the especially heavy loads to construction sites. “The Vario have an incredible payload in the 7.49 tonnes segment”, states Schleith, explaining the company’s decision to purchase ten Vario Panel Vans. The series combines the benefits of a van with the strengths of a light truck.

The van is available from the factory with more than 60 variants that offer a diverse spectrum of customisation and special body options. These range from panel vans with a loading volume of up to 17.4 cubic metres to flatbeds and sturdy tipper variants. In other words, the Vario that does not exist has yet to be invented.

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