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Over ten percent consumption advantage.

From northern Finland to southern Italy, from the most westerly point in Spain to the most easterly corner of Romania – the “Fuel Duel” fuel comparison test takes place in 22 countries in Europe. 90 Mercedes-Benz Actros vehicles with Euro VI exhaust technology are used for this purpose.

The Actros 1842 in the Fuel Duel.

The 18 and 25-ton vehicles have now driven 1,000 Fuel Duels against the most important European competitors – a total of approximately five million kilometres. The Mercedes-Benz Actros has won over 90 percent of these duels. The consumption advantage determined compared with the competitors is approximately 10.5 percent on average.

The Actros at Spedition Kreykenbohm.

Over 1,000 comparison tests.

The Actros has also competed in the Fuel Duel in Germany. The 1,000th comparison test took place at Spedition Kreykenbohm in Holzminden, Germany. Willi-Ingo Kreykenbohm runs the family company which was founded in 1924 and has 22 trucks in the fleet – not one of which is a Mercedes-Benz. On average, each Kreykenbohm truck covers up to 120,000 kilometres per year. Without the Actros, the fuel consumption is an average of 29 litres of diesel for every 100 kilometres. This value had to be beaten in the Fuel Duel. And the Actros 1845 LS did it again: with an average total fuel consumption of 26.5 litres, it completely outpaced the competition. For an annual distance of 120,000 kilometres, this means a saving of at least 3,000 litres and a CO₂ reduction of 7.9 tons.

Driver achieves “very good” FleetBoard result.

“On average, my truck has a fuel consumption of 29 litres for 100 kilometres”, says Christian Krukemeyer. The 36-year-old has been driving trucks for eight years and covers between 100,000 and 120,000 kilometres per year for Spedition Kreykenbohm. “I was very excited about the Fuel Duel, to see if the Actros could beat this value”. Krukemeyer's conclusion after two weeks: “26.5 litre consumption with the Actros. That is a reduction of over two litres!” As a result of the Fuel Duel, not only the Actros 1845 LS but also its driver receive plenty of praise. The FleetBoard evaluation shows economical gear shifting in 89 percent of all cases. Which is why it is not surprising that Christian Krukemeyer scored 9.67 out of 10 in the FleetBoard rating scale.

Europe-wide results for all participants can be found on RoadStars .
Christian Krukemeyer, truck driver and Fuel Duel participant.

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