• Miratrans supplies fresh vegetables throughout Europe.

    Photo: Matthias Aletsee

Low-Cost Carrier.

El Montes and its transport subsidiary Miratrans ensure that fresh vegetables are available in large European supermarkets all year. It is a business that requires a great deal of agricultural and logistical know-how. To be competitive cost-wise, the management relies on the Actros with the new OM 471 of the second generation. The province of Murcia in the southeast of Spain is the biggest producer of vegetables in Europe. Here the sun shines on about 300 days of the year, and nowhere on the Iberian peninsular does it get hotter – perfect conditions for growing vegetables.

Miratrans supplies with the Mercedes-Benz Actros fresh vegetables from Spain to large European Supermarkets.
Farm labourers harvesting iceberg lettuce at the “El Campillo” farm near Caravaca de la Cruz.

“Salad bar” for all of Europe.

Extensive irrigation systems allow Murcia province to produce agricultural products on a large scale. Thin hosepipes feed the water drip-by-drip to each and every plant growing in the fields. El Montes alone has some 960 hectares out of doors and 75 hectares inside greenhouses under cultivation in this region. Operating through its own marketing subsidiary, Agromontes Fresh Group, the company deals directly with the major supermarket chains. “In our business, what matters is the quality of the produce,” says Eva Pérez, director of the group of companies. “But competitive pricing is just as important.”

Competitive transport costs.

To achieve the latter, all the activities performed in the family company are tuned to achieve the utmost efficiency. One hectare on the “El Campillo” finca will produce 6500 heads of lettuce. Not only are planting and harvesting activities highly automated; so are the preparations for dispatch. And last but not least, the Pérez family also run their own transport company with a fleet of 85 refrigerated semi-trailer trucks, under the name Miratrans. Just recently Mercedes Pérez ordered another eight Actros 1845 trucks equipped with the second-generation OM 471 engine. “The Actros trucks with the new engine use an average of 1.5 litres less diesel per 100 kilometres than their predecessors.”

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An Actros from Miratrans leaving an El Montes farm in the northwest of Murcia province filled to the brim with green lettuces.