• Pink Power. Chrystelle Schafroth is living her dream.

    Foto: Bernhard Huber

Drive is life.

Chrystelle Schafroth is living her dream. The 26-year-old drives an Actros drawbar combination. A man’s job? “I love every single day!” Chrystelle had to take on quite a bit in order to be able to finally sit at the wheel of the Actros. At 19, she worked for a mineral oil supplier. “Just an office job” – her expression shows what she thinks of that. But then she accompanied one of the drivers on a tour. “That was it, that’s when it clicked. From that point on, I knew what I wanted to do. Cars and motorbikes always fascinated me, but trucks just top them all,” she says, grinning.

Chrystelle Schafroth greets a colleague. "It's just not an issue that I'm a woman."
Between swap bodies and semitrailers: Chrystelle at the rail terminal in Daillens.

Male or female driver – who cares?

What do her family and friends think of her driving a 40-tonne truck? “A lot of my friends are drivers. For them, it’s nothing special,” she says. “My boyfriend is also a trucker and drives an Actros. Sometimes people look a little funny when I get out; lots of people still think it’s a man's job. But that’s not a problem.” Chrystelle knows how to help herself: “When I used to drive a 3.5 tonne truck, someone once refused to unload my van. He said it was no place for a woman. So I did it myself.”

Pretty in pink.

Today, Chrystelle’s job will take her to Geneva. The swap body is loaded with clothes for a large fashion chain. She opens the driver’s door and puts her gloves in the stowage compartment. Thumbs up and a quick smile for the colleague up in the crane. Next point on the programme: a selfie with the Actros. “I take photos every now and then. If there’s one that I like, I put it online. Driving trucks is now part of my life. And its fun to show that.” Her Instagram profile @swiss_pink reflects that: it’s a true trucker’s diary. Of course, there are cute cat pictures too, but the water-blue Actros plays the main role. 863 users have already subscribed to her profile.

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Chrystelle Schafroth is on the road day-after-day in the Actros – with all her heart.

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