• RoadEfficiency: High Safety.

Safety. It’s in our DNA.

Trucks that are very safe are not just an important development for all road users. They are also more efficient because accident-related downtime is a much rarer occurrence. This is why we have been focusing for over 45 years now on developing innovative safety systems. This has included the introduction of ABS and ASR, the electronic braking system, Lane Keeping Assist, Stability Control Assist and Active Brake Assist. With the enhanced Active Brake Assist 4 and the new Sideguard Assist we have developed two safety systems that provide additional support for the driver where there is a risk of collision, including with pedestrians.

Mercedes-Benz Road Efficiency: Reaching the destination safely – with the support of assistance and safety systems which actively ease the burden on the driver.
Mercedes-Benz RoadEfficiency: Mercedes-Benz Actros with Active Brake Assist 4.

Active Brake Assist 4.

The Active Brake Assist 4 is an enhancement of the proven predecessor. It maintains the same functionality as the previous version and, at speeds of up to 50 km/h, it can also simultaneously warn the driver if pedestrians cross the path of the truck and initiate a partial application of the brakes. The Active Brake Assist 4 features high-resolution detection of obstacles up to a distance of 250 metres, or up to a distance of 70 metres in the case of pedestrians. It will be available from December 2016 for all Mercedes-Benz long-distance distribution model series, to the same extent as for the Active Brake Assist 3.

Sideguard Assist.

Mercedes-Benz is also the first truck manufacturer to offer Sideguard Assist with person detection. The system supports the driver using visual and acoustic warnings if moving pedestrians and cyclists, or even stationary obstacles are located in the warning zone on the right-hand side of the vehicle and there is a risk of collision. Sideguard Assist can also assist the driver when changing lanes towards the right-hand side up to the maximum permissible speed and, at high speeds, the system takes on the function of a Lane Change Assist. The greatest possible level of safety is also an integral element in the new RoadEfficiency concept from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Mercedes-Benz RoadEfficiency: Mercedes-Benz Actros with Sideguard Assist.

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