Cycle length.

To better reflect today’s average driving profile, the duration of the test cycle was extended from 1,180 seconds with NEDC to 1,800 seconds with WLTP. This is by an increase of distance by more than 100%.


The maximum speed was increased from 120 (NEDC) to 131.3 km/h (WLTP) and the stopping rate was reduced from 22.6% (NEDC) to 13.4% (WLTP) of the test cycle. Furthermore, the average speed has been increased from 33.35 km/h (NEDC) to 46.5 km/h (WLTP).

Special equipment.

NEDC did not take into account optional equipment of the vehicles except for the equipped tires. In contrast, WLTP takes into account special equipment for weight, aerodynamics, rolling resistance and electric on-board power supply.